Web Analytics

Web Analytics

It is often said that if you cannot measure it then you cannot control it and where we have Search Engine Optimisation seeking to control our web presence and through improved ranking increase relevant and useful traffic to our site then we also need a means of measuring the effectiveness.

There are many pieces of software that can be obtained usually through your website provider that can analyse the traffic to your website, but by far the biggest and most popular of these is google analytics and so we will concentrate on this rather than survey the whole field.

Registering for Google Analytics is a very worthwhile step to take yourself, even if you have employed experts to look after your SEO because then you can see a none biased viewpoint of your sites performance instead of the naturally biased view of your SEO provider. First you must register for a Google Account and then proceed to the google area for analytics

We will have a brief overview by looking at some typical accounts that we help administer.

It is hoped that this presentation provides some food for thought to help you make the most sensible decisions regarding your web presence and analysis.

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